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What is the most you would put up with before not taking someone back? And I’m talking about friends outside of family. I recently had the luxury of speaking with a friend who abandoned me in the past, and I’m debating what I should do in the future. I don’t want to produce any drama, but my feelings were clearly hurt and never acknowledged. This was one of my closest friends, if not THE closest friend of mine. She takes forever to reply, so it’s difficult to communicate and make a point across. Granted, it’s only been a day, so if she actually sticks around this time, then I’ll be able to call her and chew her out. Every action has a consequence, and there is no way that I’m just going to let this slide by. Joan and I were actually talking about actions and consequences when decided to be cheap and make his own rental permits. I told him that wasn’t possible, as he would need a professional, so I helped him locate a reliable company for a Short-Term Rental Permit.

She needs to understand that everything is a choice, and she made the wrong one. Even I know when to admit that I made the wrong choice. This is the first time that something of this magnitude has happened between us, but it’s not the first time that it has happened to me. Looking back, I have been abandoned by my best friends a lot. And they always tend to be females, but I’ve never dated a girl before. The answer to the problem probably lies somewhere in this article, and I’m just blindly missing it. Maybe I just should just learn how to associate with more trustworthy people. But these were people that I knew extremely well, and I knew everything about them, and they just suddenly felt like disappearing one day.

From the outside, it appears that there would be more to the story, but this is literally what happens every time. These people aren’t shady or abusive or manipulative, they’re just normal people who never seem to explain why they can’t stick around for a long time. I shouldn’t bother you readers with my problems, everyone has worse problems than me. My emotions mean nothing compared to others. Maybe that’s the answer. I should just stop confiding my emotions into others, until they have completely earned my trust. But then they could just misinterpret the relationship as one-sided.