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Recently while practicing my swing at a nearby golf course, I had the misfortune of being rained on for the fourth time this week. Seattle’s poor weather honestly makes any outdoor activities a real pain, especially ones that need focus and attention like golf. Any real golfer probably spends all their time in a sunny place, like California or Nevada. I should just move there instead. I’m not alone in my complaints about the weather, either. My buddy Jesse who works down at Seattle Hood Cleaning Pros keeps reminding me that he has the same problem. Then I get the opportunity to remind him that he’s not the only one with issues.

Seattle golfMaybe it’s just my fault for surrounding myself with negative people. Even though the weather ruins golfing, I still have some favorite courses. From best to worst, I ranked them. Jackson Park Golf Course, West Seattle Golf Course, Interbay Golf Center, and Jefferson Park Golf Course are pretty amazing. I actually started golfing when I was around 4, but I’ve never really been that great. Some people say it’s the sport of kings, but then again Wheaties are supposed to be the breakfast of champions. To each their own, I guess. Frosted Flakes are better, even though they’re a sugar cereal. Sugar makes everything better. Especially strawberries, which grow in weather likeSeattle’s. One pro in a sea of cons. Plus there’s a lot of freaks down here, which makes me super uncomfortable when riding public transportation.

It’s not my fault that I don’t have a vehicle, the government should provide me with one. After all, I pay taxes, Why shouldn’t I be entitled to anything and everything I want? That’s the real American dream, having to work too hard and not be compensated at all. I blame the government for bringing me down. Are there even any good sports in Seattle? The Seahawks sure make a living, and all they have to do is work out and tackle each other. If I knew slamming my head into everything was a job, I wouldn’t have gone to college to become a chef (which didn’t pan out anyways). As long as I have money, someone else should make my food for me