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Nevada Discount Registered Agent PhotoBusiness credibility counts, and your clients, customers and prospects reflect credible your business is. You could be the best sales person or business person but perception plays a big roll on how successful your business will be.

Building a solid reputation and credibility is critical to how long or short you will be in business.

Use the Internet to Track Your Reputation

People love to post their experiences on the internet and by paying attention to those experiences you get a feel of how people perceive your business. Look at sites like Yelp or Google Reviews. Large companies post customer reviews on their sites and encourage them to post on other review sites. If there is a negative review, respond as soon as possible.

Be mind full that disgruntled employees may post undesirable posts on websites like Facebook or on blogs. This could cost your company thousands of dollars. Keep an eye on your website with the three search engines, Yahoo, Google and Bing. Again, address any harmful reviews immediately.

Feedback from Customers is Valuable

Today, a good website is important. Direct your customers to your website and encourage them to give you feedback with a feedback module. You can place survey forms at your brick-and-mortar location. You cannot go to any retail store today without having the person checking you out circling the receipt encouraging you to login and give a review.

Once you get some feedback from your clientele, be sure to post all the positive reviews on your website. Many times, it is best to address the bad reviews by offering to give them their money back, or replacements. Always a good idea to give a money-back guarantee with no hassle. It is said that when a customer is happy they will tell one to two people. If they are unhappy, they will tell ten or more.

Social Media is a Good Tool

Social Media is the rage these days. Everywhere you look you will see posts on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. You can take advantage of these sites to post informational articles, positive feedback, discounts and or coupons. Don’t waste a lot of time on trying to sell, nobody reads everything on your website. Keep it clean.

Respond to sites like LinkedIn and Yahoo by answering questions. You can then post a link back to your website to drive traffic to your website. This expands your circle of people who will try your services or products.

Get Involved in Your Community

Organizing a job fair or a health fair is great publicity. People love free stuff and free events. Partnering with a local charity is a great way to expand your business circle. Your company will be seen as very compassionate. Encourage your employees to get involved with local non-profit organizations.

Don’t Forget Getting Involved with Local Organizations

Every city has a Rotary or Lions club. These organizations are formed to support local business people and patronize. They meet on a monthly basis and discuss ways to help the community.

Make it a Point to Meet Local Business Officials

Chamber of Commerce is organized to bring local business people together. They sponsor breakfasts or lunches with keynote speakers who have great topics on expanding your business. This is a great way to build your business and find fellow individuals who can offer advice.

Use Your Calendar

Putting all of your meetings on the calendar is a great way to help you keep detailed records. When you get a business card, write when and where you met that person and what they do. People love to be remembered.

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