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Did you know that palm trees are a direct descendant from the Arecaceae plant family? Not only are they a beautiful tree but they can even grow upwards of 230 feet. Although palm trees are typically known to live in beautiful tropical climates, the palm tree grows extremely well in the Orange County California communities. Driving around the county I often see rows and rows of palm trees that need trimming desperately. With all of those palm trees that are needing trimming, it no wonder that our friends at Orange County Palm Tree Pros sometimes have to schedule their palm tree maintenance up to 1 month in advance.

Maintaining your palm trees and keeping them properly trimmed is detrimental to the trees existence. Not only will they look beautiful but they will also have a much longer life. There are several reasons for keeping your palm trees trimmed and cared for but the number one reason is easy to figure out. A palm tree that is not trimmed is just an eye sore. Not only does the tree look hideous but now the property where it is located and its surroundings begin to look like things aren’t being taken care of. This can lead to the property possibly even losing its value. The other issue for trees that are not trimmed is not just about the appearance but the mess that the dead fronds and fruit stems create a total mess for the surrounding areas.palm tree trimming orange county

A true recipe for disaster is dead palm fronds and dead fruit seeds and flowers that are created by not trimming your tree near a swimming pool or jacuzzi. As the dead particles of the tree get blown into the pool they cause serious issues for skimmers and put stress on the pool pump. There is one other thing that happens and that is a chemical imbalance. The mixture of the dead palm fronds, seeds and fruits and the pool water creates an environment where algae and fungus thrive. Now you have an issue in the pool that will need serious chemical treatment. That is the reason to keep the trees trimmed near swimming pools and jacuzzis.

If you are thinking about putting your home up for sale on the real estate market, make sure that you take a look at your palm trees and other foliage in your yard. Real estate buyers, agents, home inspectors and even appraisers evaluate untrimmed palm trees as deferred maintenance. This means that this is an item that hasn’t been attended to and will need immediate attention once the property has been sold. The fact that the trees are not trimmed also can lead them to believe that other regular maintenance on the home has not been done. As buyers and their agents find deferred maintenance items, the purchase price offer tends to get lower and lower. Now you find yourself in an extreme negotiating situation. Making sure that trees are trimmed will make your property look much more valuable and make the selling process more simple.

One really major issue of not trimming your palm trees is that they now become a very nice area where rats and other rodents like to live. Scorpions and other insects find these conditions a perfect nesting spot for them as well. I don’t think there is one thing that doesn’t bother me more and that’s rodents and bugs. When I look over the fence and see my neighbors haven’t trimmed the palm trees for years, I can only imagine what is living just steps away from my home. The message is clear and that is keep your palm trees trimmed. It’s good for the tree and good for your health. Not to mention the health and well being of others nearby.

We all are aware of the hellacious fires that occurred here in Orange County in 2018 and I can’t think of a better reason than that to maintain and trim your palm trees. A very large factor in the massive fires was the wind catching palm trees that were not trimmed on fire. Once the palm tree caught fire, the wind swept the dead parts through the air to another palm lighting it on fire. This literally went on and on and assisted severely in the spreading of the fires. Keeping your palm trees and other trees alike maintained and trimmed could be the difference of whether your property makes it through a devastating fire or not.palm tree trimming in orange county

It just seems fair to keep the trees properly trimmed and maintained. Not only will they add value to your property but they are really beautiful and a wonderful tree. Most experts will tell you that you will need to trim your palm trees minimum twice per year. I’ve seen some in certain areas that needed even more than that. Also, when trimming the tree, make sure that there are no green fronds or stems that are being trimmed. Trimming green areas off of a palm tree can cause all sorts of other issues for the palm tree.

There may come a time that a palm tree is no longer living up to its standard and the health of the tree has substantially deteriorated. This is when it may require that the palm tree be removed. Dying palm trees and their branches can also become an issue for surrounding properties, power lines, cars and even people.

Tree removal may be essential when roots of trees become so large that they now impact either foundations of homes, sidewalks, driveways or even uprooting fences. This is when it becomes obvious that the tree will need to be removed.

Other reasons a tree will need to be removed is that is has overgrown its once perfect space. A tree that is overgrown can cause issues to foliage and other trees and grass around it. The shade that it creates now does not allow the sunlight in that the other greenery require to stay alive and grow. That would definitely be a reason to remove a tree.

orange county tree removal

Dying or dead trees are often infested by insects and other pests. The infamous bark beetle has taken down neighborhoods of trees and even major areas in the forest. Trees that get infested with either insects or something like the bark beetle need to be removed. These trees can cause other trees around them to have the same infestation or sickness. It is very important that all trees around an infected tree be inspected and removed as soon as possible so not to infect additional trees.

A professional tree trimming and tree removal expert is your best bet when it comes to the maintenance of your landscaping. They will be able to handle all of the necessary care to your desire.